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Punk Phone

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Alas, once my mom found out that that phone worked, she wanted it back, so all research on the Punk Phone is suspended 'till I can get to the thrift store for another cheep cordless phone

Further testing and messing around with the circut has led me to discover that the 12v battery is uneeded for the single phone unit! No idea about multiple phones though. This actually makes sense because the phone has its own power supply. Also, I tried hooking the 8 ohm side of the transfomer to the microphone input instead of the line out and spoke into the phone and behold, I heard my voice coming in loud and clear. I think i'll use this system for Skype or something (Heh, looks like someone beat me to it!). New schematics will have to be written up, i'll get those up as soon as possible.

It was a dark and stormy night? Well, actually it wasn?t it was more of a calm, balmy New York evening and I was bored. I had just been kicked off the computer and had to leave my music downstairs with the computer. Frustrated with the lack of music, I went to the basement to see if I had anything to help the situation. Just to my surprise, there is an old cordless phone sitting right on a box. I grabbed it and a few other parts from my basement and within minutes, I had The Punk Phone!

By now, you may be asking "What the fruit is a punk phone?" Well my frend, the Punk Phone is a cordless Phone attached to a sound sorce, so that you can hear the sound on the reciver over a couple tens of feet away!

This is the interface board. Since there are soo few components, the power supply (bigger transformer) and the modulator (smaller transformer) all I did was hot glue them to a peice of 2X4 and soldered where needed.

Here is where I plugged the interface board into the computer soundcard. Nothin' special, just a 1/8" mono plug.

The schematic for the Punk Phone is probably the simplest schematic you will ever see. All it is is a 12v battery hooked in series with the phone base and the 1000 ohm side of a 1000:8 ohm audio transformer.

This circut can be used to link up more base units for multiple listeners or so everyone can talk to each other. Just add them into the chain. If you just want to hook a bunch of Phones together and talk, you can eliminate the 1000:8 ohm transformer. Oh, and be sure your power supply has plenty of power to go around.

WOAH! Who is that cool kid listening to the Punk Phone? Oh wait... ME! Hehehe...